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The Velvet Door

Pet Spa & Boutique

Spa Packages

**all package prices vary on breed and coat condition. please call for an estimate.

Pawlish Me Up

Maintain that fresh look!

ear cleaning, teeth brushing, nail clipping/dremeling*
*sanitary trim add-on available.

starting at**    $25

Intro 2 a Pampered Pup

introduce your puppy to luxury grooming!

*only for puppies up to 3 months old that have never been groomed before.*

gentle Bath & body brushing, teeth cleaning, ear cleansing, gentle fluff dry, nail trim & file, introductory facial/sanitary & Paw Pad trim.


starting at**    $60

Ruff 2 Fluff

give that coat a quick touch-up!

**dogs only**
bath, blowout, brushing, ear cleaning, teeth brushing, nail trim/file

please note: package does not include a haircut. this is the perfect choice for short-haired breeds.


starting at**    $65

Velvet Touch

tame that mane or switch up their style!

bath, blueberry Facial, blowout, choice of grooming style, sanitary cleanup, ear cleaning, teeth brushing, nail trim and file*
*anal gland expression add-on available.


starting at**    $80

Pamper Me

treat your pooch to some pampering and relaxation!

bath, blowout, choice of grooming style, sanitary cleanup, ear cleaning, teeth brushing, pawdicure, blueberry facial, and a toy.

starting at**    $100

Purrfect Pamper

give your feline some TLC!

bath, blowout, ear cleaning, nail trim, teeth brushing. Includes complimentary toy.
**lion cut starts at $150**


starting at**    $125

Very Important Pup (VIP) 

spoil your baby with our lavish deluxe package and get some extra treats too!

ozone hydrobath (jacuzzi), blowout, choice of grooming style, sanitary trim, ear cleaning, teeth brushing, pawdicure, blueberry facial, & a goodie bag with toys & Treats.
*Personalized Robe can be done for an additional charge. Takes 4-6 weeks to receive. *


starting at**    $150

Ultimutt Birthday Package 

celebrate your pup's big day with us!

celebrate your fur baby's special day at the velvet door. this service is an add-on to any package. includes birthday photos, a toy, and treats.

please note: this package does not 
include a bath.


starting at**    $60

Add-Ons & Individual Services

  • Ozone Hydrobath (micro bubbling Add on)​ 

  • Ear Cleaning

  • nail Trim(varies by size)

  • Flea Bath

  • Mud Bath

  • Hot Oil Treatment

  • anal gland expression

  • conditioning treatment

  • de-matting

  • de-shedding

  • scissoring

  • clean feet

  • hair dye (price per section: paws, tail, ears)

  • gems

  • cbd vial (4-5 servings)

  • digital photos*

  • framed portrait


















Additional Fees

When additional time and care is needed to make your pet look their best, additional fees may be incurred. If this happens, we'll call to let you know beforehand.

De-Matting Fee

Senior Fee

Special Handling Fee

(For pets that struggle with the grooming process)





Vaccination Requirements

for the safety of our customers and staff members, all new clients are required to present proof of rabies vaccination prior to services rendered. we reserve the right to deny services if these requirements are not met. We are happy to reschedule any appointments in the event that we cannot take your pet as long as proof of rabies vaccination records are presented by the next appointment.

thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Late Drop-Off / Pick-Up

Please be ON TIME for your grooming appointment. If you are late by more than 15 minutes, we will have to reschedule your appointment for another time and you will be charged a late fee in order to accommodate our groomers.

all parents have one hour to pick up their pets after our "ready for pick up" text and/or phone call is made. late arrivals will be charged $25 after one hour and an additional $10 per 10 minutes.

Cancellation Policy

Sometimes, life gets ruff. As a courtesy, please remember to call us as soon as you know you are unable to keep a scheduled appointment and we'd be happy to rebook it for you.

If you miss an appointment or fail to give us 48 hours notice, we will consider this a missed appointment and a no-show fee of 50% for services scheduled will be assessed to you.


Pawlish me up package:                                                           $12

Intro 2 a pampered pup:                                                          $30

From ruff 2 fluff:                                                                      $30

Velvet touch:                                                                              $37

Pamper me:                                                                                     $50

The Velvet door VIP Membership package:                    $75

Purrfect pamper:                                                                       $50

       Add-Ons:                                                                                        Varies

Thank You.

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Jersey City & Hoboken

Zone 3:

Staten Island and other areas





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