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Frequently Asked Questions

What's an Ozone HydroBath? It's our state of the art Micro Bubble Spa, also called a "Milk Spa" due to the water turning a milky color as bubbles less than 1000 micrometers in size are generated by the spa system. These micro bubbles attract and remove particles like dust and pet dander by bringing them to the surface, penetrating deep to the hair follicles and skin pores while not passing through the epidermis. When generated in high density, the microbubbles produce many negative ions and collapse in water pressure, creating shock waves at a rate of a few hundred times per second, providing pleasant stimulation to the skin.


Why Should My Dog Try it? Prevent dog anxiety with a relaxing HydroBath massage! Our Ozone HydroBath treatment is the best solution to relieve anxiety symptoms and relax the muscles and joints. Dog anxiety affects all breeds and can lead to serious behavioral problems if left untreated, which is why the use of our bath can help your pet feel calm and serene through their treatment.

We also offer a variety of bath salts, teas, and essential oil blends to add to the bath to maximize the benefits of relaxation and eliminate dog anxiety. This treatment harmonizes and promotes the health of the dog's body, mind, and spirit through scents.

Essential Oil Aromatherapy For Dogs


Ylang-Ylang & Grapefruit

uplifts mood, relieves stress, soothes anxiety, cares for the skin


Rosemary & Tea Tree

antibacterial, antiviral, antimicrobial, anti-fungal


Myrrh & Nutmeg

fights rheumatism and arthritis, relieves pain, reduces spasms


Helichrysum (Everlasting Flower)

fights allergies and infections, promotes liver health, anti-fungal


Eucalyptus & Frankincense

treats muscle pain and inflammation, antispasmodic, reduces fever

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